Brewbound Podcast: Five Beer Writers Enter a Zoom Meeting Pt. 2

What were beer writers thinking, talking and writing about in 2021?

Beer Marketer’s Insights’ Craft Brew News senior editors Chris Shepard and David Steinman join the Brewbound Podcast to discuss the biggest beer industry stories of 2021. These include the sale of Bell’s Brewery to Kirin-owned Lion Little World Beverages, the parent company of New Belgium Brewing; ongoing fallout from the revelation of widespread instances of sexual harassment, assault and discrimination; and shifting perceptions of craft beer among consumers.

“Folks that have turned 21 — call it in the last five years, and that are about to — reportedly, according to surveys, are much more likely to be interested in where things come from, what the ingredients are, so on and so forth. And that’s driving much bigger change,” Shepard said.

“You can open this up way broader than who is a craft brewer, what is a craft brewer,” he continued. “That’s driving a lot of activity in consumer packaged goods these days and certainly in beer and alcohol.”

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