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(Richmond, CA) – East Brother Beer Company is excited to announce the release of two flagship beers, Bo Pils and Gold IPA, in a towering new format: 19.2oz cans! The larger format cans, also known as “stovepipes”, are an exciting addition to the brewery’s lineup of classic, easy-drinking beers.

East Brother Beer 19.2With the release of 19.2oz cans, East Brother Beer Co. answers the call from many convenience stores, music venues, and sports stadiums asking for a larger can. The new stovepipe cans offer more beer, meaning fewer trips to the concession stand, are easier to hold as you maneuver your way around a music festival, and will keep your beer in place when you are shoulder to shoulder with a crowd cheering on your favorite team.

Stovepipe cans are about a beer and a half in size, so their grab-and-go feature offers the ideal sampling opportunity for those who might be new to the brand.

About Bo Pils
Bohemian style pilsner, golden with a lemony noble hop character — light, grainy finish.
ABV: 5.0% / IBU: 48
Available in: 16oz & 19.2oz cans & draft

About Gold IPA
An American hoppy ale, with a bright nose, distinctive texture — bold on the palate, dry finish.
ABV: 7.3% / IBU: 60
Available in: 16oz & 19.2oz cans & draft

About East Brother Beer Company
In searching for a brewery home, Chris Coomber and Rob Lightner were drawn to Richmond and to East Brother Island, the harbor island that is the company’s namesake. The city’s industrious spirit coupled with the rich history of East Brother’s safe harbor serve as inspiration for the classic American character that’s at the heart of East Brother Beer Company.

With attention to detail and long-term vision, East Brother Beer Company is dedicated to producing beers that are both timeless, and timely, for the classic American palate, delivering their quality beers to premium local restaurants, bars, specialty markets and retailers. And always pouring fresh from the source in Richmond.

For additional information, please visit: www.eastbrotherbeer.com or follow East Brother Beer Co. on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


Source: East Brother Beer Puts Flagship Beers into 19.2 oz. Cans • thefullpint.com

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