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(San Diego, CA) – In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, we dropped a fun interview with Clayton LeBlanc, co-founder and brewer at Eppig Brewing. We touched on the fact that they were an immediate standout in the very competitive San Diego beer scene by presenting amazing lagers in the post-“fizzy yellow beer is for wussies” era.

Eppig Brewing Glasses

You can listen to our conversation by following this LINK or searching The Full Pint Podcast on your favorite podcast app. There were some details we didn’t put in our show notes that are worth mentioning now.

Did you know that Eppig was originally a brewery in Brooklyn started during the mid 1800’s, only to be revived in San Diego 150 years later? In 1866 co-founder Stephanie Eppig’s great-great uncle and his brothers started Leonhard Eppig’s Germania Brewery after emigrating to the United States. It should come as no surprise that they specialized in lagers, much like the current San Diego incarnation. From 1866-1919, the family passed the business down through generations, operating six breweries in New York’s Bushwick neighborhood. The Eppig history had some juicy twists and turns, which included partnering with gangster Dutch Schultz aka the “Beer Baron of the Bronx” to move production underground during Prohibition. The mafia leader later seized control of the company by force and ultimately the Eppig family lost their beer businesses.

Fast forward more than a century and a half – Stephanie & Clayton, along with co-founders Nate Stephens and Todd Warshaw, took inspiration from the Eppig heritage for their brewery and branding. Signature to the Eppig identity is their logo featuring an eagle carrying a beer barrel, an iconic symbol lifted directly from antique beer bottles and porcelain stoppers from their collection of original artifacts.

They plan to continue this historic look and feel when most breweries are turning to sleek, modern designs for can art and marketing. In their San Diego tasting rooms, fans enjoy expertly executed beers in surroundings that nod to the past, with reclaimed wood paneling, traditional German beer tables, and lithographs depicting the original Brooklyn brewery. It’s no coincidence Eppig’s vibe comes off as enduring and distinguished, rather than trend-chasing – the same goes for the beers they serve.

As of last month they now operate three tasting rooms across San Diego county. All of their spots are dog and family friendly, with a dozen or so approachable, balanced beers on tap in various styles. We know people like to chart out their brewery visits ahead of time so let’s break them down for you:

Eppig Brewing Bierhalle Vista
Eppig Brewing Bierhalle – Vista, CA

Eppig Vista Brewery and Bierhalle – 1347 Keystone Way C, Vista, CA 92081 – The mothership includes a traditional German bierhalle for special events and a tasting room lined with windows that view into their 16,000 square foot production brewery. BYOF or check their website for the food truck schedule.

Eppig Brewing Pt Loma Waterfront
Eppig Brewing Point Loma Waterfront Biergarten

Eppig Point Loma Waterfront Biergarten – 2817 Dickens St, San Diego, CA 92106 – A heavenly outdoor patio right on the harbor with stunning views of the San Diego skyline and boats lining the marinas. BYOF from any one of the restaurants within walking distance including Pt. Loma Seafoods & Mitch’s.

Eppig Brewing LaJolla
Eppig Brewing LaJolla Bierhaus

Eppig La Jolla Bierhaus – 1273 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037 – Eppig’s newest tasting room nestled directly across from La Jolla Cove in a beautiful village of shops and restaurants. Plenty of options to takeout and BYOF. This location is also ideal for a pre or post-dinner drink if you have reservations at any of the legendary spots on that block including Eddie V’s, George’s at the Cove, and Duke’s.

We are getting word that Eppig is methodically expanding distribution outside of San Diego and have recently began shipping beer to Orange County, CA. With any luck, they will creep their way up the California map so those who can’t make it down to San Diego have a chance at trying their well-crafted lagers and ales.

ABOUT EPPIG BREWING: Eppig Brewing is an independent, family-owned and operated San Diego brewery with locations in Vista, Point Loma, and La Jolla. Founded in 2016 and rooted in a rich Bavarian family history of brewing lagers and traditional styles, they quickly moved up the ranks in the highly competitive craft-centric market of San Diego. Eppig brews a wide variety of award-winning lagers and ales, which are balanced, approachable, and often graced with history and a sense of time, paying tribute to the Eppig family’s brewing roots from the 1800s. For more information, visit Eppigbrewing.com or follow Eppig on Facebook and Instagram – @eppigbrewing.

Source: Eppig Brewing Shining Bright With New Locations and Existing Great Beer • thefullpint.com

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