Modern Times Addresses State of League Membership and Company •

Modern Times Q and A

Modern Times Beer sent out a memo last month indicating financial hardship and subsequent contraction of onsite locations across the west coast. [Link to memo here]

For those not familiar, Modern Times Beer has a stream of revenue that includes a direct-to-consumer membership club that includes around 700 2,000 very loyal Modern Times Beer fans. Like many other beer membership clubs/societies, known as The League of Partygoers and Elegant People, these customers get an allotment of special bottles of beer and first access to new products before the general public. With the announcement of closures and the overall industry buzz surrounding the health of the company, many League members were concerned with the near and short term status of the club.

Modern Times hosted a Q and A panel over Zoom to address these issues with their club members. A co-owner of Modern Times sent us this panel to share with the audience of The Full Pint.

Panel members: Steven Michael – League Manager Jennifer Briggs – CEO Andrew Schwartz – Innovation and Product Management Ellie Kovara – Director of Hospitality Dani Jackson – VP of Sales Leanne O’Neil – Membership Coordinator Dan Reed Director of Marketing


Source: Modern Times Addresses State of League Membership and Company •

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