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Lake Anne Brew House

Melissa Romano is the co-owner of Lake Anne Brew House, a craft brewery in Reston, Va. Along with husband Jason the two operate a two barrel brew house and sell their small-batch, hand crafted beers directly to their customers from a lake-front nano-brewery and taproom in historic Lake Anne Village Center Plaza.
A long time Reston resident, Melissa loves the Live-Work-Play philosophy upon which Reston was founded. Lake Anne Village Center is the original heart of Reston, now a historic landmark, and was Robert E. Simon’s first development for his planned community. Melissa has “lived” and “played” in Reston for most of her lifetime, and always knew that she needed to add “work” to complete the Reston philosophy trifecta. Owning a business at Lake Anne Plaza has always been a dream. Also an Architect and mother of three, as huge craft beer enthusiasts who knew we wanted to own a community-focused business at Lake Anne, the decision to open a brewery was easy. Melissa would design and build the space and run the taproom, while Jason, a 20+ year hobby brewer and BJCP Certified Beer Judge, would brew the beer. Melissa is very proud to own Lake Anne Brew House, and believes that as owners, she and Jason have an obligation to serve their community and to provide the best service and product that they can.
Melissa would love to speak with you more about ownership of a small brewery, and her place in the industry. Please feel free to reach out at any time!

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Source: The Taprooms Committee Talks Holiday Season, Events, End of the Year

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