2021 Antique Bottle Shop Prices ~ Col Sam Johnson 1852 Bitters, Underwood's Inks, Jarvex, Wampole

A visit to a local antique shop to film some prices on cobalt blue bottles and a few others…

List of bottles and prices in order through video :

Stoneware Inks $8-10
Johnston & Johnston St. Stephen NB (local Medicine BIM) $6
Oil Of Sandlewood (with contents) $10
CoOperative Milk Bottling Association $8
Perfect Seal Mason (with bail and lid) $5
Blue Ribbon Beverage St. John NB (local soda) $8
Bromo-Cedin $4
Henry K Wampole & Co. (BIM) $5
Bromo-Seltzer (large cork top) $4
Underwood’s Inks (lip chip) $4
*Milk Of Magnesia 1906 (cork top) $4
Col. Sam Johnson Proprietor Richmond, VA. 1852 Bitters (ABM Reproduction cork top) $12
*Milk Of Magnesia (screw top) $4
Henry K Wampole & Co. (early screw top) $6
Jarvex (early screw top) $5
Shamrock Whisky Reputed Quart (with lid & partial label) $5
Case Gin $3


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