3x Cocktails from our Viewers!

Sorry for the super late upload time today, something happened with our last one and video never processed correctly. Always happens when we’re pressed for time 😂

Today’s video consists of not one, or two but THREE Viewer Cocktails! Getting back to making these we’ve decided to do them three at a time to better get through the growing list of drinks you guys send us! So sit back, relax and enjoy these three fabulous cocktails!

Here’s links to the tools I use in this episode:
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Barfly Measuring Cup Jigger:
Barfly Fine Strainer:
Barfly Hawthorne Strainer:
Barfly Y Peeler:
Japanese Bitters Dasher:
Barfly Teardrop Bar Spoon:
Barfly Citrus Zester:
Barfly Citrus Press:
Peychaud’s Bitters:
Angostura Bitters (2 Pack, 4oz):
Bittermen’s Xocolatl Mole Bitters:
Barfly Mixing Glass (17oz):

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0:00 intro
0:30 Say Yes History
3:43 Cocktail
7:30 Recipe
7:43 Having a Good Thyme History
8:45 Facts about Frankfurt am Main
10:39 Cocktail
12:44 Tasting Notes
13:50 Recipe
13:56 Marshall Law History
14:55 Recipe
16:00 Tasting Notes
17:18 Recipe
17:20 Like and Subscribe!
17:30 Outro

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