4 Tips to Digest like a BOSS

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Here is the deal, You Are What You Absorb
Eating a nutrient-dense diet is essential, but you must actually absorb the nutrients that you eat to benefit from them. Yes, that means all the kale you have been shoveling down could be going to waste.

1. Sit down at a table for all your meals. Yes, even at work. Leave your desk, go somewhere else, outside possibly and enjoy your meal. If you boss won’t let you have a break to go enjoy a meal, well, that is a life problem that I can’t help you with.

Why sit you ask? I know you are very fond of the drive through and eating your meals while screaming at the guy in the Honda that just cut your off.

Digestion begins in the brain: The sight and smell of food triggers the salivary glands to begin producing saliva, and gastric juices to prepare your body for the incoming meal.

So that is why want to eat only when you are in a calm and relaxed state. So sit down, take a couple deep breaths and appreciate your meal.

2. Make yourself a cocktail. Woah, don’t get too excited, this isn’t that kind of party.

Sadly, we have been told by society (in TV ads, for example) that our stomachs are churring out ridiculous amounts of acid and we need to squelch this acid fire with some bright colorful chalk pills.

Guess what, we need an acidic stomach environment to digest our food, especially our proteins!

Most people actually do not produce enough stomach acid and this is where some good old fashion bitters come in!

Bitter foods naturally stimulate the production of saliva, gastric juices, and bile to balance appetite and prime digestion. Making a small cocktail of sparkling water and digestive bitters will do just that. Drink your cocktail before meals to spark digestion.

3. Ideally, chew your food until it is liquid (about 20-30 times per bite) and put your fork down in-between bites. You will be satisfied with less food and you will have better digestion.

Here is the deal, the mouth is the physical gateway to the digestive system: Mechanical and chemical breakdown of the food begins in your mouth. You definitely don’t want your food to miss the saliva train, especially your carbohydrates. Undigested carbohydrates wreak all kinds of havoc down in your digestive tract!

Your grandmother was right after all, eat slow and chew your food.

4. Do not drink water with your meals. This dilutes digestive juices and makes it harder for your stomach to break down food.

Water is still important! Remember to drink half your body weight in water, just save the drinking for in-between meals.

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