5 Keto Fruits You Can Eat All The Time

Yes, you can have fruits on the keto diet! Watch for the best low carb fruits for fat loss. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” |


In this video you’ll discover the best and healthiest fruits to keep you in ketosis and continue with your weight loss journey. This list of keto fruit list will surprise you!


01:32 Keto Konsiderations when buying fruit
01:59 Why you should avoid fruit juice
02:31 My #1 favorite keto fruit
02:53 Why you want to always eat your blueberries frozen
03:32 How raspberries decrease appetite
03:42 How to overcome sugar cravings
04:28 How strawberries activate your fat burning hormones
04:53 The number two keto approved fruit: pomegranate
05:05 How pomegranate helps increase the size of the beta cells in the pancreas (important for diabetics)
06:02 My favorite keto dessert
06:24 The number three keto approved fruit: avocados
06:48 The importance of potassium on the keto diet, and how avocado has 2x more potassium than bananas
07:18 The number one cause of the keto flu and keto brain fog
07:52 How avocados help with adrenal health
08:11 How avocados reduce inflammation with a type of fat called phytosterols
08:30 Why I recommend peeling the avocado skin with your hands
08:54 The fourth keto approved fruit: grapefruit
09:03 Grapefruit has a special antioxidant called naringenin which has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity and helps the liver burn fat instead of storing it (important for diabetics)
09:22 Study that shows grapefruit lowered blood sugar as well as blood sugar medication Metformin
09:52 The fifth keto approved fruit: coconut
10:04 How the MCT found in coconut oil helps you produce ketones quicker
11:11 How coconuts help fight viruses and infections
11:31 How coconut oil helps improve cholesterol markers
12:21 The worst fruits to eat on the keto diet
12:41 How too much fructose can damage your liver
13:29 How a fatty liver can wreck your thyroid hormone
14:29 Bonus tips for regulating blood sugar
14:55 Why I recommend performing 50 squats before eating carbohydrates
15:33 Why you should have most of your carbohydrates later in the day
15:55 How a 10 minute walk after eating can reduce blood sugar by 22%!

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