5 Minute Delicious Mug Cake – Easy to Make!

Hey Everyone,
Here is my recipe of an easy to make Mug cake.
I have made 2 varieties of mug cake – Vanilla and Mocha(Cocoa and Coffee)
1 TBSP Butter in each cup
1 Egg equally divided between both the cups
2 TBSP sugar in each cup
3 TBSP All purpose flour in each cup
1 TBSP milk in each cup
1 TBSP Condensed milk in each cup
1/4 TSP baking powder and baking soda in each cup
1 TSP vanilla essence
In one of the mugs add 1/2 TSBP Cocoa powder and Coffee
In one of the mugs add chocolate bitters
Mix the cups and bake
Depending on microwave and OTG the baking time differs.
I have an OTG so I had to bake for close to 15 mins at 190 Degree

Do a toothpick test to check if the cake it cooked.
Add in some icing sugar, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, berries of your choice

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