5 Overproof Rums Head-to-Head

My apologies, but I had to re-upload this video from yesterday due to some sound quality issues. Part of it is the ac running full blast as we’re apparently falling into the sun. Anyway, I reworked it to sound the best I could.

Today we find out how these 5 high proof rums compare. Not necessarily to pick a winner, but rather to see their differences in profiles so you can know which one is best for your specific needs. “Overproof” rums are considered to be rums that range from 100 to 151 proof. While some of these are unaged “white” rums (like the great Wray & Nephew), the ones we’re looking at today have spent some time in the oak barrels. Of course, when it comes to rums, age statements have never really been “a thing” since tropical heat limits their aging to usually well below 10 years. Then there’s the issue of caramel coloring and added sugars. By definition, most rum producing countries allow these things to help the younger rums seem older than they are and to be more palatable for the masses. Fortunately, you can usually tell the coloring by how heavy handed they are with it (super dark colored). And yes, many rum distilleries add some sugar to the finished product, and the others (most famously those from Jamaica and Barbados) don’t. To me, I much prefer cask strength rums, without additional sugars, but as we’ll see here, the quality of the blend can take both styles and create very balanced and tasty final products.

Important!! Overproof rums are mainly meant to be mixed! The high proof nature of these rums can be very sneaky, so please use caution and restraint when consuming these!

The lineup includes:

1. Hamilton’s Beachbum Berry’s Zombie Rum Blend at 59% abv. It uses a combination of Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana rums and retails for $35. Nosing at 2:08 mark. Tasting at 9:00 mark.

2. Plantation’s “O.F.T.D.” Overproof Rum uses a combination of Barbados, Jamaican and Guyana rums and has become a Tiki cocktail staple. It’s also bottled at 59% abv and retails for $35. Nosing at 3:08 mark. Tasting at 10:42 mark.

3. Hamilton’s 151 Overproof Rum uses only Guyana sourced rums and is a hefty 151 proof but only retails for $35-$40. Nosing at 4:37 mark. Tasting at 12:05 mark.

4. Gosling’s Black Seal Overproof Rum is created from Bermuda rums and is also 151 proof. It retails at only $25 for a 1-liter and to me is definitely more geared toward a basic mixing/floating rum. Nosing at 6:29 mark. Tasting at 14:42 mark.

5. Lemon Hart & Sons 151 runs around $25 and is sourced from Guyana. It definitely has some added shenanigans, but it’s one that I find to be very unique. Nosing at 7:35 mark. Tasting at 16:29 mark.

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