7 Incredible Black Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits For Skin, Hair & Weight (NIGELLA SEEDS)

Black cumin seed oil is far from a new invention, but it has only recently taken off as a popular natural home remedy. Across the world, people use this oil to treat a variety of health conditions and boost overall wellness.
There isn’t an abundance of research into black seed oil, but several studies have very promising findings. The biggest benefits of nigella seed oil are as follows:
1. Promotes Skin and Hair Health
Did you know that Cleopatra herself supposedly used black seed oil to achieve glowing, radiant skin? Whether that story is true or not, there’s certainly plenty of reason to follow in Cleopatra’s footsteps and seek out the skin and hair benefits of black seed oil yourself.
According to one study, using a lotion that contains black seed oil is beneficial for acne sufferers, and can significantly reduce breakouts with regular use. This is thanks to black seed oil’s potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Black seed oil can even speed up wound healing, which can help to reduce scarring and blemishes.
Additionally, adding black seed oil to your shampoo, or diluting it with coconut or almond oil, can equip you with an effective at-home remedy for itchy and flaky scalp. Just apply the diluted oil to your head and leave for 10 minutes before washing and conditioning as normal.
2. Supports Weight Maintenance
If you’re sceptical about supposed “weight loss” foods, you’re not the only one. Many sellers use clever marketing tactics to sell their products, and one of the easiest ways to sway an audience is to advertise an item as a miracle weight loss tonic.
While adding it to your daily diet won’t help you to lose weight, research suggests that the effects of black seed oil could help with weight maintenance or reduce obesity risk.
One study of women taking either black seed oil or a placebo found that those who had taken the seed oil had lost the most weight and reduced their waist circumference the most significantly. All the women were following the same calorie-restricted diet throughout the 8-week duration of the trial.
Of course, the majority of the oil’s weight loss benefits are indirect. For instance, the properties in the oil has anti-inflammatory effects, and inflammation is closely linked to obesity. By reducing your inflammation levels, black seed oil may put you at a reduced obesity risk. Like the women in the study, you will need to accompany your seed oil consumption with healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle to see any lasting results.
3. Boosts Digestive Health
There are many benefits of black cumin seeds that we’re only now discovering, but their digestive health problems have been known for centuries. Traditionally, black cumin seeds were used to support the digestive system, and tinctures were used as cures for everything from bloating and diarrhea to indigestion and loss of appetite.
Our ancestors were right to use these seeds in this way. A recent study has found that a solution of black cumin seeds can prevent the formation of gastric ulcers. Again, this likely comes down to the seeds’ thymoquinone content, which is gastroprotective and can support the health of the gut lining.
4. Soothes Aches and Pains
Whether you’re recovering from a tough workout, you’re battling flu symptoms, or you’re just getting old, achy joints can stop you from going about your daily life.
Nobody likes to deal with aches, pains and stiffness, and a simple remedy like black seed oil may be all you need to reduce your discomfort. One study of women with aching joints found that a twice-daily dose of 500-mg black seed oil capsules was enough to decrease morning stiffness and swelling. Additionally, a study found that women who took black seed oil had fewer inflammatory markers in their blood.
5. Reduces Allergy Symptoms
If you’re one of the millions of people across the world who suffer from seasonal allergies, a natural remedy like black seed oil may be the better alternative to popping pills.

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