"7" / #Prince Cocktail

Today we pay respect to the flamboyant and memorable superstar Prince with the cocktail we call: 7. This cocktail has seven ingredients which include a few memorable hits from Princes career including raspberries (name the song), a deep purple color with sparkly flashy effects.

We also use peychaud bitters, a cocktail bitter from Louisiana, where you can find Prince’s grandparents heritage. We did all we could to represent the famous musician except that he was a non-alcoholic.

But, we can express our own opinion of how one should celebrate the life of a man that stood up for what he believed, his creative choices and never let anyone tell him what to do. So, nobody is going to change how we design this drink. Rest in Peace #prince.

Prince also helped “inspire” the explicit lyric tag put on albums so we thought it would be appropriate to use our own. 🙂

Spiced Pear Shot:
Peychauds Bitters:

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