A Moment of Tiki Episode 39: Ritual Rum Alternative

Despite my love of rum and tiki cocktails, I firmly believe that any good host (and good tiki bar) should have a solid selection of non-alcoholic beverages available for guests. It doesn’t matter why someone isn’t drinking at any particular point in time–what matters is that the host is ready to accommodate. So when a friend recommended Ritual Rum Alternative, I was intrigued. How did this rum substitute taste? Was it truly a replacement for rum? Would it work well in traditional cocktails? I tracked down a bottle and put it through its paces, reporting my thoughts here in this video so you, good viewer, may go forth armed with knowledge and decide if this is something you want to investigate further.

Full disclosure: I purchased this bottle on my own and no compensation was provided by Ritual Zero Proof.

Ritual Rum Alternative:

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