A Unique Cocktail To Try – the Trinidad Sour

In today’s video I’m making the Trinidad Sour! This is a modern classic that’s one unique cocktail – its base spirit is Angostura bitters! Typically a dash too much in a cocktail can overpower the other ingredients, but in this recipe a full ounce (30ml) of Angostura bitters is free to shine! The cocktail has deep notes of baking spices that are countered with bright citrus and sweet almond. I also like to garnish this one with mint, which you don’t seen in other recipes, but it keeps the drink fresh. If you’re a fan of bitters like I am, you’re going to love the Trinidad Sour. Cheers!

Grab the bottles I use here! 👉

Intro: 0:00
The History: 1:06
The Booze: 3:10
The Recipe: 4:04
Sips: 6:20

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