Absinthe Wormwood Bitters: Best Cocktail Bitters for Sazerac and Old Fashioned

Absinthe Wormwood Bitters ➔Made with distilled and macerated wormwood + wormwood oil ★Perfect for Cocktails ✓100% Natural (no colorings or added sugar)

▻The ALANDIA Absinthe Bitters are made of nothing more than grande wormwood (artemisia absinthium), this means the bottle contains 100% wormwood (no anise or fennel). Nothing more and nothing less. The aromatic but non-licorice taste is achieved by a blend of distilled and macerated wormwood intensified by vapor distilled wormwood oil. The Absinthe Wormwood Bitters are bottled in a dripper bottle for easy dosage. The alcohol level is set at 40% by vol. (80 proof).

How to use the Bitters: First of all, you can add a few drops of the Bitters to your glass of Absinthe to intensify the wormwood taste. We recommend 30-35 drops for one glass. This sounds a lot but 30 drops are just 0.05 oz (1.5 ml). In cocktails, the Bitters add complexity with a bitter twist. Very nice drinks for the Cocktail Bitters are for example the classic Sazerac Absinthe Cocktail or an Old Fashioned with Whisky. Just substitute the normally used Angostura or Peychauds Bitters with the wormwood Bitters. You will see, these are the best Bitters for the drinks.

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