Actors Who Were Forced To Lose Extreme Weight For Role

Joaquin Phoenix Lost Extreme Weight For Joker Movie, But He’s Not The Only Hollywood Star To Lose Weight For A Role.

There’s a lot of pressure to be thin in Hollywood, but sometimes movie roles require stars go the extra mile by embarking on extreme diets in order to enhance their weight loss. Joaquin Phoenix had to shed fifty pounds in order to play Arthur Fleck in Joker but it caused a little problem during filming. Chris Pratt was three hundred pounds at his heaviest and now he can’t stop talking about his workouts on social media. Lily Collins battled an eating disorder in real life so shedding pounds for a part was an especially arduous task. Timothee Chalamet was already slender before he went past the point where his family became concerned for his health. Chrissy Metz struggled with her weight her whole life until This Is Us motivated her to make some changes. Chris Hemsworth went from showing off his abs to showing off his ribs, and Adam Driver was so hungry at one point he could barely think. Running not only changed Jillian Bell’s outlook on herself but it had a big impact on her waistline as well. Christian Bale is known for changing himself dramatically, but there’s a reason he says that part of his career is over.

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