Alley Twenty Six Presents Mixology at Home – Fleece Blanket

Want to learn how to make unique and delicious cocktails at home? Bar owner and mixologist Shannon Healy of Alley Twenty Six in Durham, NC is here to help! The Alley Twenty Six Shrubs have vinegar as a main component. Shrubs are a nice way to build a bold tartness to a drink. Use sparingly or as a way to substitute bitter and citrus elements. In this video Shannon is building a cranberry spiced cocktail that uses egg white to give the drinker a frothy first sip! With blended scotch as the spirit base this cocktail doesn’t hide behind its other flavorful ingredients but allows them all to shine evenly. Enjoy!

Fleece Blanket Recipe:
Build in a mixing glass
1/4 oz Alley Twenty Six Spiced Cranberry Shrub
1/4 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz Byrhh
1 1/2 oz Johnnie Walker Red
shake with ice
strain cocktail back into mixing glass
dispose of ice
add egg white to tin and shake again
pour through fine mesh strainer into grande coupe glass
dash Peychaud’s bittes onto foam

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