Alley Twenty Six Presents Mixology at Home – The Jibe Ho! Cocktail

Learn how to make cocktails at home with your guide, bar owner and mixologist Shannon Healy! In this video installment, Shannon shows you how to make a Scotch based egg white cocktail bringing a fun tropical twist to an unusual combination of ingredients. An Alley Twenty Six original cocktail recipe.

Jibe Ho! Cocktail Recipe
(Build in mixing glass)
3/4 OZ Drambuie
3/4 OZ Pineapple Demerara Syrup (Link to a recipe we like below)
3/4 OZ Lime Juice
1 1/2 OZ Blended Scotch (We like Johnnie Walker Red)
Add ice and shake. Strain back into the mixing glass you just used.
In the other part of the shaker, add an egg white. Add both egg white and wet ingredients together. Shake without ice.
Double strain into a chilled coupe glass.
Garnish with 6 dashes of Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters.

For more information on the cocktail ingredients featured in this Mixology at Home YouTube video and how to purchase:
Drambuie Liqueur:
Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch:
Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters:

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