It’s a Passionfruit Mezcal Margarita situation on this week’s episode! We have some very special guests whom we happen to be married to: Stephen Amell, most known for TV shows Arrow, Code 8 and can currently be seen on Starz “Heels” & Rick Gonzalez, who co-starred on Arrow, is most known for Coach Carter and Old School, and is currently on Law & Order: Organized Crime. But who cares about their TV/filmography?!? We are doing a not so 1970’s version of The Newlywed Game, where each couple asks the other a series of questions to see how much they know about their spouse. Questions like, What song would best describe your spouse in the bedroom? How many dates did it take before you kissed? What Disney character are you? Who spends the most on personal items? Come learn which couple actually gets one another and which one needs more therapy😂

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