ANGOSTURA event Edinburgh Fringe

The House of Angostura® is throwing a massive party during Edinburgh’s world-famous
annual Fringe Festival, merging cocktail culture with the best of Fringe comedy, theatre and
live music. Held at the trendy Biscuit Factory in Leith.

The House Party of Angostura® will take you on a journey through cocktail history, of which
the brand’s signature aromatic bitters are an essential part. Experience the tastes, sounds,
senses and history of the House of Angostura®, from their bitters to their extensive range of

The star of the night is the Pink Gin Cocktail. This classic drink – originally served as a martini,
over ice, or long with a twist – will be given a modern makeover by some of Scotland’s best-
known gins, including Plymouth, Makar, Porters and Edinburgh Gin. The special ingredient
will be Angostura®aromatic bitters, which has been elevating drinks across the globe since
cocktail making became an artform. The Pink Gin Bar will celebrate the simplicity of this
classic cocktail, served with just two ingredients: your favourite gin with a dash of bitters.
Gin Brand Ambassadors will be on hand to talk about their product and show you how to
mix the perfect cocktail.

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