Aug 19 – Weekly LIVE Q&A To Scale Your Business through Google Ads

Missed the Live Q&A Session? Catch Kasim and John every Friday at 1 PM PST as they answer everything you want to know about Google Ads, especially on Performance Max campaigns – strategies, secrets, guides, and so much more! See you next week! 💚

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For now, you can watch the replay where Kasim and John share optimization tips for successful Performance Max campaigns, how you can build your asset groups if you have a massive inventory, the bid strategies to use with PMax, and so much more:

0:00 August 19 Live Google Ads Q&A to Scale Your Business
1:12 How important are meta tags for title, keywords, and description on your website for PMax?
4:20 ​On the one asset group per audience signal strategy, do you think google will give us signal data within an asset group to phase this out?
5:55 Performance Max is like nuclear energy
6:33 How does a price increase on-site affect the performance/learning of the different campaign types?
9:20 Is Northbeam available for new Shopify accounts?
9:45 ​The catch-all PMax campaign strategy
12:24 The risks and benefits of moving a restricted campaign to PMax
15:20 Best practices for adding products from GMC to Performance Max
19:10 Is it viable to run PMax with traditional search campaigns where their match type is exact or phrase as PMax will focus more on broad?
21:53 Choosing broad match keywords for new campaigns
23:19 When to start a PMax campaign for a seasonal product
26:42 How to maintain consistency in market audience targeting for YouTube ads
28:22 Is Hyros better than Northbeam?
32:57 Optimization for campaigns using an automated bidding strategy
35:02 Excluding search terms when using broad match keywords
36:26 Will auto bid adjustments help your campaign?
37:47​ Testing a new asset group with a new ad/landing page but for the same product that’s already running
39:49 Northbeam vs. Triple Whale
40:58 Local campaigns to Performance Max
41:56 ​John and Kasim’s opinion on the upcoming apple ad “ecosystem”
43:45 Book recommendations for marketing nerds
44:41 How to exclude past buyers from PMax campaigns
47:47 Creating a new PMax campaign with maximize conversions
49:39 YouTube Ads vs FB Ads to increase volume and brand awareness?
52:22 Increased the budget and total sales didn’t increase while Ads reported way more.
54:09 ​Minimum audience size to serve Google Ads
56:11 The best way to test audience signals for PMax
57:05 ​Why is Google more powerful than Amazon in selling eCommerce products?
57:36 ​Are PMax CPCs generally lower per network?
58:12 Excluding 30-second views in top-of-funnel conversion campaigns on YouTube Ads

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