"Autumn Old-Fashioned" Four spirits mean four times the fun! /// Cocktail Notes S2E3

Mixing together four base spirits has a notorious connotation, usually associated with brightly colored, saccharine party drinks. This is not the case in this week’s Modern Twist on an Old-Fashioned. Altogether, this drink requires seven different bottles. I was wary when first making this drink because of the variety of components needed. Turned out to be worth the shopping spree. The Autumn Old-Fashioned was one of the first modern cocktails I discovered and it opened up my eyes to how professionals approached recipe creation.

The Autumn Old-Fashioned was created in 2013 by Devin Tarby at the iconic New York cocktail bar, Death and Company. It helped propel the cocktail renaissance that began around that time. It is a bar that I had to make a stop at during my last visit to New York. The menu was expansive and diverse, filled with uniquely original cocktails mixed up by the imagination of the bartenders there. If you guys have the time, check out this cocktail bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for a truly unmatched cocktail experience. They now have locations in Los Angeles and Denver.

For the Autumn Old-Fashioned, we’ll be combining Rye, Armagnac, Applejack, and Scotch whiskey. This is called splitting the base. All these spirits are different, but they do share some commonalities. Rye and Scotch are both grain based spirits, whereas Armagnac and Applejack are made from fruit. Together, they blend into a cereal-y, oatmeal-y, subtly fruity concoction, rounded off with a little maple syrup and chocolate bitters. I can definitely taste the “autumn” notes in the drink.

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