Bab Louie Bitters Review – Mr Nitin Tiwari ( What are Cocktail Bitters , History & Use of Bitters )

Bab Louie Bitters are Indi’s First Crafted Non Alcoholic Bitters , Bitters is somethings that gives an edge to a cocktails just with few dashes ..

Bitters are a neutral, high-proof alcohol infused with botanicals such as spices, barks, fruits, roots, flowers, leaves, and herbs. Depending on their ingredients and alcohol percentages, bitters serve as digestive aids or flavouring agents. Cocktail bitters are an essential item on bar checklists

HANDCRAFTED BITTERS: Bab Louie Aromatic Bitters gives complex spicy-aromatic notes to classic cocktail recipes. Our version of Aromatic Bitters means- an aromatic spiced bitter with floral, softly earthy flavour with distinct aromatic notes of Indian spices. These bitters pair well with gin, whiskey, and bourbon drinks. Aromatic Bitters can also be blended with our Orange or Cherry Bitters for a bolder flavour if you’re in the mood to spice things up!
Made from 15 Special Botanicals: Bab Louie Bitters are a blend of 15 Special botanicals sourced from across India . We use ingredients like fruits, herbs, spices and roots sourced from the local Indian farms and handpicked with love by Bab & Louie.
VERSATILE PAIRINGS: Our Aromatic Bitters can be added to bubble water/ tea and can enhance your favourite spirits for world-class cocktails. It’ll add new depth to any cocktail and has the versatility to pair with whiskey, bourbon, vodka, rum, and gin. Some cocktail recommendations by Bab & Louie for these bitters are Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Aromatic G&T’s, Lager Beers etc.
Aged in Oak Whiskey Barrels: To get the complexities of Aromatic flavours and balance the flavour and aroma right, Bab & Louie age their bitters at moderate temperature in European Oak Barrels. Bab Louie Bitters are handmade, small batch bitters made using organic ingredients. Guess we’re obsessed with making the best handcrafted bitters around at Bab Louie’s.
Natural & Fresh Botanicals: Bab Louie Bitters are India’s First hand crafted Non Alcoholic Bitters that are made with good quality fresh and organic fruits, herbs & Spices and roots . Each of our bitters is non-GMO & gluten-free and made with no added sugar, making our bitters calorie free.

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