Backwards Butterbeer

Backwards Distilling Company Presents Butterbeer!

1.5oz Sword Swallower Rum
0.5oz Milk Can Cinnamon Moonshine
1oz heavy whipping cream*
1.5oz butterscotch syrup*
Egg white
1 dash of Bear Root Habanero Ginger Bitters
0.5oz lemon juice (in separate shaker tin)*
Ginger beer

Add ingredients into small shaker tin except for ginger beer.
Add lemon juice to opposite shaker.
Fill with ice and shake for 30-45 seconds, until shaker is very frosty.
Strain into small shaker and dump remaining ice.
Dry shake.
Add small amount of ginger beer, club soda or vanilla cream soda to bottom of glass.
Pour shaken cocktail into glass.
Top with more ginger beer, club soda or vanilla cream soda.
Garnish with nutmeg 🍺🍺

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