Baxter Pass, Nastiest of the Eastern Sierra’s Nasty Passes? It’s Sure Beautiful

Follow KV and John as they take on one of the “Nasties” of the Eastern Sierras passes – Baxter Pass. Only a bid of Baxter Pass can make Glen and Kearsarge Passes seem easy. They enjoyed commanding views of the Gods high atop Owens Valley in the midst of wildfire season and Summer thunderstorms.

Live simple. Live well.


Filmed on DJI: Osmo Action 2.7K, Cine-D, 30 fps; and iPhone X, 4K, 30 fps
Edited on an iPad using LumaFusion and Apple Photos
Color graded using Leeming LUT Pro Athena
ND filters by Polar Pro
Tripod PGYTech

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