BEER – Cocktails that're served frosty | One Thing Drinks

Beer has a very special place in my heart. Nothing quite hits the spot after a hard day, but there’s plenty more to beer than just the big names. Its arguably the most complex fermented beverage in existence. Let’s have a look a little deeper.


0:00 – Intro
2:04 – Partizan Sour Beer Syrup
3:08 – Turbo Shandy #3
4:16 – Imperial Beermouth
5:59 – Partizan Sour
7:21 – Do Evil Better
8:34 – Outro


1: Partizan Sour Beer Syrup:

100ml Sour beer
200g Caster sugar

2: Imperial Beermouth:

5g Dried orange peel
2g Dried burdock root
2g Dried dandelion root
0.5g Dried wormwood
2g Fresh lemon peel
0.5g Saffron
2g Fresh grapefruit peel
2g Fresh Orange peel
20g Cider vinegar
100g Caster sugar
350g Oaked Imperial Stout


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