Big Bitters Energy | How to Drink

Let me and the House of Angostura introduce you to some drinks that call for large pours of Bitters- no dashes or drops in here. #ad

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Angostura Bitters are a well known bar essential, in addition to tons of drinks calling for dashes and drops of that deep red nectar of the gods, the very definition of the word “cocktail” sort of requires their inclusion. With that established, are there drinks that call for larger amounts of Angostura Bitters as a central foundational component? In fact there are, and this episode is about three of them.

Giuseppe Gonzalez created this drink while working at beloved brooklyn cocktail bar Clover Club.
**Trinidad Sour**
.75 oz -or- 22 ml Lemon Juice
1 oz -or- 30 ml Orgeat Syrup
.5 oz -or- 15 ml Rye (Greg uses Rittenhouse)
1 oz -or- 30 ml Angostura Aromatic Bitters
1 Egg white
Dry shake
Add Ice and shake again
Double strain into a glass

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