Billionaire: A Brilliant Campari and Bourbon Cocktail

The Billionaire cocktail was created by Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric of Employees Only. For those that don’t know Employees Only is one of a handful of (now) legendary New York bars which helped set the tone for what we now know as “The Cocktail Renaissance” by really recreating not only how cocktails were made and presented but really just overhauling the entire concept of hospitality as it relates to bars and cocktail making. It could be said that these bars elevated to the style of cocktail bars by looking to the past to help push the industry into the future…if that makes sense. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this cocktail as much as I do!

This version of the cocktail was created by bartender Kala Brooks from Top Of The Monk in Asheville North Carolina. Top Of The Monk specializes in handcrafted classics and modern classics in a relaxed setting, the bar is beautiful and if you’re in Nashville you should go check it out. A for the cocktail, Like this version better than the Dushan Zaric version. The Campari subbed in here for the Grenadine plays so well with the other flavors in the drink, giving it a bit of a bitter punch.

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Speakeasy Book by Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric:

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