BITTER EYES by Jasmine Kilcrease

The harsh reality of human trafficking is that most victims won’t be saved or have a way out. There really is no fairy tale ending for a lot of these people. Real people, real pain, real lives and real struggles that people go through on a daily basis. We in this society are often oblivious to what’s going on in the world unless it involves us and that’s both kids and adults in the world today. In this topic specifically we think it only happens in other countries with poverty and struggle but it happens everywhere in the world and we need to realize it and stop as much as we can. Being trafficked can happen anywhere, to anyone at any age, gender, race, or even social class. If we continue to not say anything on the matter or continue to ignore the severity of the issue as a country then this will continue to happen and ruin innocent lives. Do your research and find organizations that really help protect, save and fund for their protection and rescue. USE YOUR VOICE BECAUSE THEY CAN’T.

Film and Edit
– Video Prosperity
– GrandRYZE Productions
Director, Producer, Writer, Choreographer
– Jasmine Kilcrease

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