Bitter Mai Tai

When Tiki and Fall meet, this is what you get

The Bitter Mai Tai is a supremely satisfying drink created by New York Bartender Jeremy Oertal for the bar Dram in Brooklyn, NYC and was created sometime in 2011. I’d love to be able to go on and on about this drink but there’s really not much I need to say about it, one look at the title and you’ll know exactly what to expect. This is par for the course for Oertal who brought us the Angostura Colada, that is, a tiki drink flipped on it’s head with a surprising twist, giving it a whole new dimension and not something that you find in Classic Tiki very often. The bartenders who are tackling the tiki cannon nowadays are really starting to incorporate those bittering elements more often which is something lacking in traditional tiki drinks and oftentimes just what the doctor ordered. Don’t get me wrong, I love some Beachcomber and Bergeron drinks, but the addition of bitters and infusions has brought about what I’m going to say is a whole new class drinks, like a mashup of tiki and traditional classic cocktails. OK, enough talking, let’s get sipping!

Here’s Links to the tools I use in this episode:
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