Bitters | Becker Farms

Beckers Farms & Vizcarra Vineyards graciously opened their doors to us to show us how to make 3 of the delicious cocktails that they feature on their menu. The first is the Joyce’s Joy Wine Slushie. The second cocktail is a delicious sangria using their Vizcarra Red Wine. The third cocktail is their signature Cidermosa, which is served at their weekly brunch, using their delicious Sparkling Hard Cider, Cidre Bouche.
Located at 3724 Quaker Road in Gasport, Becker Farms is a 5th Generation family-owned 340-acre working fruit and vegetable farm that sells most of its products and services directly to the public. For the past 100 years Becker Farms has harvested its own fruits and vegetables to provide fresh produce and a wide variety of value added products, such as hand made pies, jams, cookies, cider, fudge, wines, beer and hard cider.
Becker Farms & Vizcarra Vineyards
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