Bitters | How Bitters are used in Cocktails?

What is Bitters?

The term Bitters refers to any spirits flavoured with
bitter herbs,
fruit peels,
which are generally used as medicine.

They range from products such as campari, which can be drunk in whole measures like any other spirits.
Some Other products are so bitter, they are only added in drops to season another drink.

The main flavouring agents are

which is a Flowering alpine plant, the roots has bright yellow essence used as tonic and anti fever remedy.

which is Extract of the bark of Cinchona tree

Dried peel of bitter Seville oranges
ORIGIN of Bitters

Bitters are made up of a concentrated mix of alcohol, sour, or bitter botanical ingredients.

They can come from such aromatic fixings as: bark, roots, fruit, orange peel, and much more.
These botanicals are infused into a flavorless alcohol base to create a potent potion.
In many ways, bitters are like the salt of cooking.
Just a few drops enhance the whole palate experience.
Though there are a wide variety of bitters, they can be lumped into three categories: aromatic (the most popular), medicinal, and herbal.
Herbal bitters can be rich in tarragon, thyme, or mint and are often used to nourish digestive health.

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