Bourbons Bae: Bitters with Cocktail Contessa | Part 1

#Stay Home & #StaySafe with Bourbon Women! Heather Wibbels returns with a lesson on bitters.

Part 1 History:

pictures of peychaud and founder of angostura attached.

Part 2: History and Taste Test of Ango

Part 3: Why bitters and bourbon?

Peychaud’s bitters:

Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters:

Part 4 and 5: Taste Testing Bitters:
BD Bittering Ginger Apricot Bitters – found at Willett Distillery

Crude “Bitterless Marriage” Hibiscus-Lavender-Oak bitters:

Woodford Reserve Sorghum & Sassafras:

Bittermens Xocolotl Mole bitters:

Crude “Pooter” Smoke and Salt bitters:

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