Can We Eat Quality Meat and Still Protect the Environment?

Your child’s brain needs all the macro and micronutrients found in quality animal meat to develop and function well.⁣

Animals that are properly raised are one of the most dense and bioavailable sources of protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals needed for healthy brains and behavior. ⁣

I’m a big proponent of kids consuming appropriate amounts of animal products in their diet.⁣

It can be confusing to know what kind of meat is best! Many of us also have concerns about inhumane factory farming practices that compromise the nutritional value of the animal products. And then there are the concerns about the environment, soil health, climate change…⁣

So how do we reconcile these concerns and ensure our kids and families are getting the nutritional benefits of quality animal products?⁣

Regenerative farming is a great solution. This holistic way of farming focuses on the ecological system as a whole, and ensures that not only are animals being raised properly, but the soil, plants, air, water, and everything else in the system is getting healthier as a result. This is good for the environment, the animals, and humans!⁣

As a parent I know that sourcing quality meat can be time-consuming and tough to navigate (not to mention expensive). That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to my podcast guest this week, Autumn Smith, and her company Wild Pastures. ⁣

Autumn is an expert on all things related to animal products, nutrition, and human health. She’s also creating companies and systems that make quality nutrient-dense meats available to everyone by delivering them to your door at more affordable prices. In this episode we cover the facts about animal meat, why it’s been demonized, nutritional concerns, and how we can support ourselves and the environment.⁣

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