Carbonated Water: Seltzer vs Club soda vs Sparkling mineral vs Tonic water

In this video, we explain the different types of Carbonated water also known by different names such as sparkling water, soda water, bubbly water or fizzy drink. We commonly use four types of carbonated water;
1. Seltzer Water
2. Club Soda Water
3. Sparkling Mineral Water
4. Tonic Water

This video tries to answer the following questions;
Different types of water
Different Forms of carbonated water?
What is Carbonated Water?
Which of the carbonated water is healthy?
What is the difference between Setzer, club soda, sparkling mineral and
tonic water?
Carbonated Water; Good or bad ?
Is sparkling water bad for you?
Carbonated water formula
Sparkling water vs Club Soda vs Seltzer vs Tonic
A guide to all the different types of sparkling water
How is sparkling water made?
Is soda water is the same as sparkling water?
Types of carbonated drinks?
Tonic water with vodka?


English: Glass with carbon dioxide bubbles
Date 2013
Source Own work
Author Nevit Dilmen (talk)

Deutsch: Cinchona officinalis, Rubiaceae, Gelber Chinarindenbaum, Rinde.
English: Cinchona officinalis, Rubiaceae, Quinine Bark, bark.
Date 3 October 2009
Source Own work
Author H. Zell


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