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On this episode of MYG I make two quite different chocolate cocktails. One is bold and boozy while the other is light, creamy and fluffy.

@00:05 Intro
@00:40 Making the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Old Fashioned
@03:35 Making the first Garnish
@04:38 Making the Spiked Chocolate Soda
@04:25 Milk Frother tips
@06:38 Showing the layers
@06:50 Rosebud garnish
@ 07:29 Tasting notes for the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Old Fashioned
@ 8:03 Tasting of the Spiked Chocolate Soda
@08:13 Conclusions and Outro
Tools We Used:

Bar Spoon with Muddler


Hand Frother

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Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Old Fashioned
2 Dashes of Fee Bros Aztec Chocolate Bitters
1 Sugar Cube
Splash of Soda
1.5 oz (45ml.) Bourbon
1.5 oz (45ml.) OM Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt liqueur
In a rocks glass muddle the sugar cube with the bitters and a splash of soda to create a paste with no lumps.
Next add the Bourbon followed by the OM Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt.
Mix and add ice.
Garnish: Luxardo Maraschino cherry. If you liked the Dehydrated Pear dusted in whitevchocolate and rose pedals I added, it is available at and their products are top notch.

Spiked Chocolate Soda
.5 oz (15ml.) Bourbon
1 oz (30ml.) Dark Crème De Cocoa
4 oz. (120ml.) Cold Milk
Top with Soda Water
Pour all the ingredients above except for the soda.
Next take a hand frother and place it towards the bottom of the glass.
Start frothing and slowly bring the hand frother up while adding the soda, this will create a foam on the top.
Turn the hand frother off before pulling it out of the drink.
Garnish: This drink does not call for a garnish but feel free to sprinkle anything on the top.

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