Chocolate Cocktails You MUST Try! | Master Your Glass

On this episode of MYG I make two quite different chocolate cocktails. One is bold and boozy while the other is light, creamy and fluffy.

@00:05 Intro
@00:40 Making the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Old Fashioned
@03:35 Making the first Garnish
@04:38 Making the Spiked Chocolate Soda
@04:25 Milk Frother tips
@06:38 Showing the layers
@06:50 Rosebud garnish
@ 07:29 Tasting notes for the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Old Fashioned
@ 8:03 Tasting of the Spiked Chocolate Soda
@08:13 Conclusions and Outro
Tools We Used:

Bar Spoon with Muddler


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