Cocktails with Kurt – Episode 50 – Sparkling Wine Cocktails

For our 50th Episode, 4 different sparkling wine cocktails made; 5 discussed.

No backstory today – just fun and easy cocktails! We’re using cava for our sparkling wine. And everything gets built right in the glass. Lots of different sources for these recipes and infinitely tweakable! This is the one time where precision isn’t a big deal, but ingredients still matter!

Champaign Cocktail
1 sugar cube; soak the sugar cube with Angostura bitters (a couple dashes – not trying to dissolve the cube with bitters); top with Champaign; garnish with a bit of lemon peel

1 part fresh orange juice; 1 part sparkling wine

Bellini (talked about – but not shown)
1 part peach puree; 2 parts sparkling wine

Kir Royalle
a little bit of creme de cassis; top with sparkling wine; a bit of lemon peel

Grand Royalle
a little bit of Grand Marnier; top with sparkling wine; a bit of orange peel

Experiment and enjoy!

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