Coffee Old Fashioned | How to Drink

Thank you to Mr Black for sponsoring todays episode and for the great idea to make a Cold Brew Old Fashioned! To learn more about the Moccamaster and Bar Tools Mr Black is going to GIVE AWAY to one lucky viewer, follow this link you can enter between now and October 14th, 2020.

I have made the Old Fashioned many ways on the show but this is the first time I have ever added Mr Black! It was delicious and got me thinking about what other drinks I can create with Mr Black. Since coffee is bitter I thought a play on a Negroni sounded delicious, I am calling this drink the Chiapparoni (but taking suggestions for a better name). Lastly I made what I like to call a Blue Mountain King which is kind of a riff off of the El Presidenté.

Cold Brew Old Fashioned:
Build in the glass
1 oz. – 30 ml. Mr Black
1 oz. – 30 ml. Rye
2 dashes orange bitters
Stir over ice
Garnish with an orange twist

Build in a mixing glass
1 oz. – 30 ml. Mr Black
1 oz. – 30 ml. Reposado Tequila
.75 oz. – 22 ml. Amaro Angostura
2 Dashes Cocoa/Chocolate Bitters
Stir over ice and strain into a coupe
Garnish with orange peel

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