Cold Brew Coffee Mule (Non-Alcoholic Coffee Cocktail Recipe)

Coffee, ginger, citrus, and mint make for an amusing symphony of flavors and aromas.


0:00 Intro
2:06 In the copper mug: add lime juice, cold brew concentrate, bitters and ginger beer.
2:37 Lightly stir the ingredients.
2:42 Top with pebble or crushed ice.
2:53 Add lime wheel.
2:58 Slap the mint leaves, and garnish.
3:03 Add paper straw.
3:08 Insert piece of ginger gummy on skewer and add to drink.
3:26 Create a splash

For more recipe details, as well as links to buy all the ingredients, go to:

If you like Moscow Mule cocktails or just ginger beer in general, coffee and ginger make a surprisingly good pair.

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