Cooking with Vincent Price Episode 13 – Angostura Series // Newsy Stew and Manhattans

*Reminder* this is not a recipe, a how-to, or a cooking instructional series. I am an average to below average cook that is making all of the recipes from 1965’s A Treasure of Great Recipes by Mary and Vincent Price and Cooking Price-Wise to see how they taste in the modern time. I will not read the recipes verbatim or give the amounts needed from ingredients from his books.
Welcome to Episode 13 of Cooking with Vincent Price! Today’s episode kicks off the Angostura Series of recipes with Vincent Price. In the early 1970’s Vincent was the face of angostura bitters for a series of culinary and cocktail recipes featuring the bitters. The recipes are few and far between, but today I make the Newsy Stew – a beef stew with angostura, and a Manhattan cocktail. This is the first fancy whisky cocktail for this gin loving gal.

Manhattan: 01:49
Beef Stew: 03:17

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