Cursed Cocktails of Critical Role | How to Drink

Give the people what they want, this is Part 2 of my venture into Critical Role, the Cursed Cocktails of Exandria. I’m making Sandkheg’s Hide and Eldermancy. If you’re looking for Part 1 it is here:

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In tin
E – 2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Greg’s Elderberry Liquor*
L – 1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Lemon Juice
D – .5 oz. -or- 15 ml. Dry Vermouth (Dolin)
E – 1 shot of espresso
R – 1.5 oz. -or- 45 ml. Rum (Bacardi Silver)
M – 3 oz. -or- 90 ml. Mezcal (Dos Hombres)
A – 4.5 oz. -or- 135 ml. Absinthe (St. George Absinthe Verte)
N – New Castle Brown Ale (do not add this to shaker, top off drink after pouring)
C – Add Cherry to shaker
Y – Yogurt
Pour into mug (and top with New Castle)

*Greg’s Elderberry Liquor
In a jar that seals
Add 400g Everclear
400g Elderberries
Let sit overnight
Squeeze through a nut milk bag
Add 300g of water
300g of white sugar
stir until sugar dissolves

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