Defining and Creating a Regenerative Food System (Winter Conference Workshop)

What do we mean when we say regenerative? What can our agricultural,
social or economic practices say about the larger culture of our land
use patterns? This dialogue-based workshop will get us thinking about a
paradigm shift for how can we take “regenerative” beyond agriculture alone,
and move into food and material systems, economic and social mobility, and
practices that are adjusted for the impacts of climate change. Brainstorm
steps we can take to redesign our consumption patterns, including collective
organizing and organizational awareness.

Hannah McDonald (she/her) is the Western Massachusetts Regenerative
Food System (WMRFS) Coordinator for NOFA/Mass. WMRFS focuses on
the collaborative effort of connecting the dots on local food to make the
intricacies of our food system not only resilient, but thrive. She is passionate
about the art of stewardship, and seeks to constantly improve relationships
with the Earth and human community in the form of song, dance, gardening,
celebrating and, of course, cooking and sharing the harvest.

Abby Ferla (she/her/they) has worked on small veggie farms and orchards
from Maine to New Mexico since 2012. She envisions local agricultural
systems that are resilient, ecologically-sound, socially just, and wholly
integrated/integral in their communities. Abby studied herbalism at Blazing
Star Herbal School in Conway, MA and manages Foxtrot Farm, a 8 acre no-till
certified organic farm in Ashfield, MA.

Felix Lufkin (he/him) co-founded and now directs Help Yourself Edibles, an
area community permaculture 501(c)3 that plants orchards in public places,
free for all to harvest from. He teaches nature education in public schools, as
well as K-12 and adult programs in the area, with a focus on wild edible plant
identification and uses and ecological literacy.

Andre StrongBearHeart Gaines, Jr. (he/him) is a citizen of the Nipmuc people.
He serves as a cultural steward for his Tribe, is a father, public speaker,
traditional dancer, Indigenous activist for Indigenous rights, carpenter and
educator. Andre’s work focuses on bringing traditional knowledge back
to Indigenous peoples, including brain-tanning hides and making drums,
buckskin and blankets. Family, culture and traditions are at the core of his life.

This workshop recording comes from the 2022 Northeast Organic Farming Association/ Massachusetts chapter (NOFA/Mass) Winter Conference.

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