Digestive bitters recipe ( a must have)

Why do we need bitters? Our pallets always incline towards sweets,spicy and salty , but never bitters.
So then why should we consume it anyways?

Studies show that the increase consumption of healthy bitters can actually speed up the digestive process .this is particularly true for the digestion of proteins, and to stimulate the increase of minerals absorption from consumed foods . natural bitters signal the tongue,gallbladder ,pancreas and stomach to produce healthy gastric secretions of bile and stomach acid ,this process accelerates the digestive process, making it faster and more efficient .All this ,while promoting healthy absorption of vital minerals and nutrients that might have otherwise been wasted. As we increase the quantity of natural bitters in our diets, we benefit from an increased breakdown in fats and fat soluble vitamins. Bitters promote and optimize digestive process, resulting in fats broken down and processed faster. This allows our body to make the best of healthy fats, while processing unhealthy fats as waste. In addition to helping our bodies process fats better, digestive bitters also stimulate the digestive system to absorb fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D,E and K .these improvements result in fortifying our vision ,immune system ,bone health, premature aging and cardiovascular system. Consumption of digestive bitters also aid in the reduction of bloating and acid reflux. It may also help with the bowel movements and reducing food sensitivities. Those with gallstones and pancreatitis may also benefits of digestive bitters before and after a meal. It May also assist ones with SIBO.

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