Dirty Wastelander from Fallout 4 Recipe | How to Drink

I made a Dirty Wastelander form the game Fallout 4, and it’s one of the strangest drinks I’ve ever made!

If you’ve been following my channel for a minute you’ll notice I’m a huge fan of Fallout- The game series really made an impression on me when it came out and even after all these years feels oddly like “Home”… I know I can’t quite explain that. Anyway, Fallout 4 brought us a couple of new mixed drinks kin the setting, and one of them is the Dirty Wastelander. I’ve actually had a lot of requests for this one, so even though I haven’t yet touched Fallout 4, here I am making it. The in game recipe calls for a combination of Irish whiskey, Mutfruit, and Nuka Cola. Since we know what Irish Whiskey is that leaves two variables to solve for, the Mutfruit and the Nuka Cola, and though I’m sure at some point I’ll be making Nuka Cola from scratch, today I’m going to opt to use the Maine Root’s Mexicane Cola. As to the Mutfruit, well, I explore that in the episode in great detail.

Dirty Wastelander (serves 2)
• 1 Whole Baked Apple
• 4 to 6 Blackberries
• 4 oz. -or- 120 ml. Irish Whiskey
• Shake like crazy with ice
• Double strain (pulpy and slow)
• Top with Cola (Ideally, Nuka.)

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