Do you love Redheads? It'd be a lot cooler if you did.

When thinking about this drink, and given that it’s summer, I wanted to add a seasonal fruit with some character. Why not add Strawberries?

I picked strawberries not only because good ones are available by the truckload in our area this time of year, but also because of the strawberries character. As we see in this video, the strawberries I use could have used a few more days ripening, but I think that adds to the cocktail, and makes it even more refreshing.
Now sweetness and sour are something that we can control with the addition/subtraction of citrus or simple syrup, but the added level of “unripedness” is what helps give this cocktail an extra layer of tartness that only a strawberry can give you.

I’d like to tell you that Dazed and Confused, and specifically David Wooderson ( Matthew McConaughey’s role, and more so the role that sent him into stardom ) were the inspiration for this cocktail. I said I’d like to. That’s obviously not the case ( since I decided to write that…twice). It’s the other way around. When the cocktail was finally finished, it embodied his carefree, “im gonna do this my way and you can come and enjoy the ride, or, go kick rocks’ ‘ attitude. The strawberry is why.

Strawberries go from green to red every year, waiting to be eaten. You have to make that choice though. Not ripe enough, hopefully you enjoy a “fresh” acidity and kiwi. Can be used to add a bright note, almost like a pop of citrus.
Too ripe, you get a taster of the summer sunshine, but unbalanced sugar. Can be used to add sweetness.
These levels, and every level in between, can be used, especially in cocktails and desserts, to create balance and symmetry though, and take your creations over the top.

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