Edible Bath Bombs for Drinks! | How to Drink

I’m gearing up for New Years Eve and I’m serving these Instant French 75’s using Edible Bath Bombs (drink Bombs?) to drop at midnight!

I had this idea for a drink bomb, just like a bath bomb, but drinkable. Something you could serve alongside a nearly complete drink to your guest and then have them drop them into the glass at midnight (like the ball from Times Square) to complete the cocktail. I did a bunch of research and tinkering and came up with this, the Drink Bomb, or Drink Fizzer, or Cocktail Ball (hate that one). Anyway, it’s a package of purely edible ingredients that work in a cocktail anyway and when dropped into a liquid react and fizz just like a bath bomb. I think there’s definitely better recipes using this technique that you can develop, so I’m offering this as a kind of jumping off point. I’m super interested in what better things you do with it!

Cocktail Bomb Batch (makes 15 -20)
7 oz. -or- 200 G Citric Acid
10.5 oz. -or- 300 g Baking Soda
14 oz. -or- 400 g sugar
~.5 oz. -or- 15 ml. assorted bitters
.2 oz. -or- 5 g Gum Acacia
a pinch of gold luster
mix to wet sand consistency
form with molds

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