El Zete { paired with chorizo sobres }

{ part 1 of 2 – followed by Marianne at Midnight }
El Zete? What a strange name for a cocktail. But when it’s named after someone special in your life (it rhymes with Pete), the name resonates no matter what it’s called. A tangy, spicy, sweet-‘n’-sour delight, El Zete is a terrific alternative to a Margarita. You can even have a whole batch prepared before your guests arrive! Serve it with the bite-sized chorizo appetizers we created just for this enticing concoction.
Paul wanted to make signature cocktails for his parents this year, to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. So he and Steve came up with a twist on a Margarita for his Dad (El Zete), and for his Mom, who likes a nice Scotch from time to time, a slightly sweet, floral delight (Marianne at Midnight). Visit Cocktail Buzz at www.cocktailbuzz.com.

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