Ep. 16, Cocktails for a Crisis: The Chelsea Manhattan (AKA The Erika Ann)

In this early bird episode, we kick off 5 Days of Erika, inaugurating the lead-up to Erika’s 50th birthday on July 7th (that’s right folks, she was born 7/7/70!). Spoiler alert—no maudlin tears, tonight, just pure, unadulterated LOVE! I’m a lucky man!

The Chelsea Manhattan (AKA, The Erika Ann)
I created this cocktail to celebrate Erika’s 50th birthday. She loves a good Manhattan and used to live in the Chelsea District—hence, the name. This is a twist on a Perfect Manhattan (which uses both sweet and dry vermouth) with the addition of our favorite Italian Amaro—Cynar (pronounced Chee-nar). Cynar is made with Artichokes and has a super bitter flavor— Campari or another Italian bitter will do in a pinch.

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