Everyday spices to regulate cycles in PCOS – Dr. Chetali Samant

Nothing empowers one more than knowing home remedies for any condition they are suffering from. The same applies to PCOS as well. The complex and the huge amount of hormonal imbalance that follows PCOS makes it necessary for you to do everything that is possible for managing this condition. Home remedies are easy to access and easy to follow on day to day basis. One of the best home remedies is a simple mixture of 5 spices that almost everyone of us has at home. There 5 spices are cumin or jeera, coriander or dhanya, fennel or saunf, black seed or kolonji and the last is fenugreek seeds or methi. Take all these spices in equal amounts, roast them lightly in medium to light heat, till they are crisp, let them cool completely, make sure that you do not roast them at high heat. The reason for taking these spices is the essential oils that are there in these spices. After that let them cool completely, blend them in a mixer, let the powder cool completely and store it in an air tight container. One to two teaspoons of this mixture can be taken every morning afternoon and evening after your breakfast, lunch and dinner as a mouth freshner. This simple mixture is extremely powerful in giving you hormonal balance. Most of these spices are estrogenic in nature. So they help in balancing the estrogen and progesterone in your body. Also they are carminative, i.e. they stimulate metabolism and digestion if you are not feeling hungry at regular intervals and not able to eat every three to four hour meals which are very important in PCOS. Herbs like black seed which is there is treated by the Mediterranean as a medicine for all diseases. It is extremely powerful and most of you will be aware of taking black seed in PCOS. It boosts metabolism, it helps to lose weight and it helps to regularise your menses. Fenugreek helps to boost your insulin sensitivity, that is brings down your insulin resistance for those who are already having borderline high blood sugar levels or a high HbA1c. Fennel seeds has also been mentioned in the treatises of ayurveda as very effective in women’s health care as a herb which balances feminine hormones and improves feminine health, helps the reproductive system function better. So this simple home remedy will help you stay on track with PCOS management and have a better hormonal balance.

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